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1. First name, city, and

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1. First name, city, and age?

Guy, Birmingham, 25

2. The first site you visit when you go online?

Facebook then here

3. Ever banged a girl that weighed over 160?

Yes.  And most men who claim otherwise are lying.

4. Pay or pirate?

Pay, generally.

5. Favorite and least fave Jackal?

Subo and a fedorhadouken are douches but I don’t post on the forums or read the comments as much as I used to.  Frick, G Funk and Omo are good guys.

6. Phobias?

None in particular.

7. Do you feel guilty about finding Tourette’s Syndrome amusing?

Its not amusing.  But farts are.  And I don’t feel guilty about that.

8. How long since you last got laid?

A week.

9. Favorite ring girl?

The DREAM girls.

10. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a douchenozzle is Bruce Buffer?

Bruce is a legend.

11. Pride Rules in the UFC?  If only some, which ones?

Vale Tudo rules.

12. Steroids.  Give a shit if fighters use them?

I’m convinced that most of them are anyway.

13. Your dream commentary team?

Bas and Joe.

14. Favorite MMA event of all time?

Pride, first HWGP.

15. Interested in Women’s MMA?

Yes, up to a point.  But now we have the lighter weights in the UFC, my interest may wane.  There just aren’t enough good women around.

16. If you could punch anyone in the face with no repercussions, who would it be?

Tony Blair

17. Ever gotten your ass kicked?

I’ve trained in Thailand and fought a few times.  What do you think?

18. What fighter do you want to see signed to the UFC?


19. Lenne Hardt; legend, or shrill annoying bitch?


20. What songs or movies make you cry like a woman?

I’ve not cried since I was 12.

21. What are your feelings about subo?

Die in a ditch while performing bowel surgery on yourself with a sharp stick.

22. Ever crapped your pants while farting?

There is no greater expression of manliness.

23. Is there a God?

Not enough evidence to say either way.  However, in the absence of compelling evidence, and several plausible alternative theories we must assume that god does not exist.