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1. First name, city, and

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1. First name, city, and age?

Matt, Antarctica (formally Melbourne Aust), 28

2. The first site you visit when you go online?

Fightlinker or CagePotato

3. Ever banged a girl that weighed over 160?

Yup, and proud of it. There are plenty of hot women bigger than 160. This number needs lifted up to something like above 200 or so …

4. Pay or pirate?

Try to pay for most stuff… What i wont do is pay 50 bucks for a ppv i’m not technically allowed to record and then pay another 30 for the dvd…

5. Favorite and least fave Jackal?

Fav is prob Frickshun, he cracks me up…. don’t have a least fav, i’m just not a hater

6. Phobias?

None really, don’t like creepy crawlies much thou…

7. Do you feel guilty about finding Tourette’s Syndrome amusing?

Guilt is a wasted emotion.

8. How long since you last got laid?

My new years went off with a bang…. which wasn’t a bad effort considering i’m stuck in the middle of buttfuck nowhere with only about a dozen chicks and a 8 to 1 M to F ratio, and less than a quarter of them are viable options.

9. Favorite ring girl?

Brittney PALMER.

10. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a douchenozzle is Bruce Buffer?

He seemed pretty cool from the video i saw of him athe ufc fan expo last year, maybe a 3 or 4.

11. Pride Rules in the UFC?  If only some, which ones?

Knees to head for sure. Don’t get yellow cards, just take a friggin point more often.

12. Steroids.  Give a shit if fighters use them?

Only to the point that everyone should or everyone shouldn’t. Either open the floodgates or enact much stricter testing procedures.

13. Your dream commentary team?

Bas, Randy, and Forest Griffin FTW

14. Favorite MMA event of all time?

Everything blends. Most recently, probably UFC 110 in my home country.

15. Interested in Women’s MMA?

Yes, but it’s a fleeting one.

16. If you could punch anyone in the face with no repercussions, who would it be?

The first person that comes to mind is a douche i was trapped here all winter with.

17. Ever gotten your ass kicked?


18. What fighter do you want to see signed to the UFC?

Probably Overeem the most.

19. Lenne Hardt; legend, or shrill annoying bitch?

They are not mutually exclusive.

20. What songs or movies make you cry like a woman?

The latest movies with MMA in them. God damn they are some shitty movies.

21. What are your feelings about subo?

Generally positive.

22. Ever crapped your pants while farting?

Only a little.

23. Is there a God?

Yes, but in a hippy “All living things and energys are connected” sort of way, not a “gaint man in the sky passing judgement” kinda way.


edited to keep Subo happy … :)