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1. First name, city, and

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1. First name, city, and age?
Josh, Indiana, 26

2. The first site you visit when you go online?
FL then chickipedia then wikipedia

3. Ever banged a girl that weighed over 160?
pussy is all the same when the lights go out

4. Pay or pirate?
oddly enough i usually go to a friends and we all chip in

5. Favorite and least fave Jackal?
least is simco or goldenarms smug fucking idiots
favorite is omo or subo, they seem to stimulate the most conversation

6. Phobias?
licking the wood at the end of a popsicle/getting fat

7. Do you feel guilty about finding Tourette’s Syndrome amusing?

8. How long since you last got laid?
a week

9. Favorite ring girl?

10. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a douchenozzle is Bruce Buffer?
10, I wanted to climb into the computer and punch him in the dick when he was on the MMA hour

11. Pride Rules in the UFC? If only some, which ones?
yes please

12. Steroids. Give a shit if fighters use them?
not unless they get caught

13. Your dream commentary team?
I’d like to watch UFC with Joe Rogan and drink beer

14. Favorite MMA event of all time?
Pride Final Conflict Absolute

15. Interested in Women’s MMA?
only in miesha tate’s ass, specifically finding my way inside it

16. If you could punch anyone in the face with no repercussions, who would it be?
pat robertson/bill o’reilly

17. Ever gotten your ass kicked?
more times than i care to remember

18. What fighter do you want to see signed to the UFC?
Overeem and im not sure there is any other good answer to this question

19. Lenne Hardt; legend, or shrill annoying bitch?
dig her

20. What songs or movies make you cry like a woman?

21. What are your feelings about subo?
grateful that people like him are around to keep this place interesting

22. Ever crapped your pants while farting?
only in the shower (i still can’t believe ryan answered that on the radio show, dumbass)

23. Is there a God?
yes, but i’d be alright with it if their wasn’t (and i get seriously shitty with people who treat me like im naive or somehow less evolved for possessing faith)