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1. Clint, Eureka, 242. Yahoo

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1. Clint, Eureka, 24
2. Yahoo mail or fightlinker
3. yup
4. Arrg
5. I hate you guys all equally but fedor.haduken pisses me off more than most. favorite is hard to say… id say garth may he rest in peace.
6. shark attack and i have social anxiety
7. fuck no… freaks are funny
8. few days ago
9. Rhian Sugden
10. 5… dont really care t care about him
11. knees to a grounded opponent and yellow cards
12. I only care when fighters who use get their balls sucked on by fan boys
13. Joe Rogan and Bas
14. Pride Final Conflict Absolute                                                                               15. i’ll watch if they are good at fighting just like mens mma
16. Glenn Beck
17. nope
18. Overoids just to see him quality
19. I only like her when she is with the japanese guy
20. Movie: To end all wars I used to cry about Tears in heaven
21. Subo does what he does
22. just the other day
23. nope