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1. Greg, Lawng Eye land, 34
2. Sadly………Fightlinker
3. I’ve fuct my preggo wife. Besides that, hellz fucking no!!
4. Pay or pirate? I do whatever it takes. But I will pay for a couple a year or hit a bar when necessary.
5. Not counting writers (pre-beta), Phoenix cracks me the fuck up. But I genuinely like a lotta dudes on the site. Hate is for pussies so I can’t say I feel that strongly about anyone.
6. Phobias? Not being able to provide for my fam.
7. Tourette’s is my fave fucking disease.
8. I’m married, does it even matter? Few days ago.
9. Natasha.
10. Buffer is kinda amusing so……2?
11. Pride Rules in the UFC?  Yellow cards. I fucking love yellow cards.
12. I hate steroids.
13. Rogan, Florian & Couture.
14. Pride 33. The epitome of the sport.
15. Interested in Women’s MMA? Yes.
16. I’d like to beat the shit out of a certain co-worker.
17. Ever gotten your ass kicked? No.
18. Every fighter I wanted in the UFC got destroyed when they got there. So I’ve lost faith. Maybe Alvarez.
19. Lenne is a legend!!
20. Now that I have kids…..I get misty-eyed in any tear-jerker movie. Never songs.
21. I dig Subo & his incendiary opinions.
22. Ever crapped your pants while farting? Yes.
23. There is no god.