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1. First name, city, and

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1. First name, city, and age?

Ryan, Montreal, 30

2. The first site you visit when you go online?

gmail, then fightlinker, then bloodyelbow to make sure a nuclear bomb hasn’t been dropped on the sport that i should know about

3. Ever banged a girl that weighed over 160?

I think my high school girlfriend may have been 160 but she was 6’1 and muscle, not fat

4. Pay or pirate?

I pay when i can, which means i’m mostly a pirate

5. Favorite and least fave Jackal?

I love all my children equally. Can’t really think of a least favorite one honestly, my forum drama days are long behind me. Maybe that bitch that keeps posting about handbags 😉

6. Phobias?

The fear of not being able to pay bills. Which connects itself to the fear that the electric company will shut the power off.

7. Do you feel guilty about finding Tourette’s Syndrome amusing?

Fuck no, cock shit balls

8. How long since you last got laid?

Four months. I’m living kinda monklike till I get myself back down under 200 pounds.

9. Favorite ring girl?

Natasha. If still employed, Brittney

10. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a douchenozzle is Bruce Buffer?

He seemed cool when I met him. I give him a 4, which is pretty good for a human being.

11. Pride Rules in the UFC?  If only some, which ones?

In another 5 years, knees to the head of a grounded opponent. Yellow cards might be nice too.

12. Steroids.  Give a shit if fighters use them?

I give a shit but am also resigned to the fact that they are a reality in all sports.

13. Your dream commentary team?

Joe Rogan and Bas Rutten

14. Favorite MMA event of all time?

Pride OWGP Finals 2006

15. Interested in Women’s MMA?

Fuck yeah!

16. If you could punch anyone in the face with no repercussions, who would it be?

I’m not really a face puncher, but there are a lot of third world dictators that deserve to get one.

17. Ever gotten your ass kicked?

Patrick Cote beat me up pretty bad

18. What fighter do you want to see signed to the UFC?

At this exact moment, Jordan Mein

19. Lenne Hardt; legend, or shrill annoying bitch?


20. What songs or movies make you cry like a woman?

Bad breakups make me listen to Alanis Morissette, but it’s the girl in real life that makes me cry, not the song

21. What are your feelings about subo?

Subo’s good people

22. Ever crapped your pants while farting?

Yeah, sharts happen

23. Is there a God?