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1. Derek, Colorado Springs,

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1. Derek, Colorado Springs, 25
2. This is my homepage – gotta keep up on the spammere
3. One.  Was on a nine month cold streak.  It had to end.
4. Pay when I can – I always reward a bar for showing UFC cards live
5. I have a few favorites and a few least favorites.
6. Spiders when I was a kid, can smush em now.  Really tight spaces.
7. Kind of, but then again, I’d rather have a disorder that made people laugh.
8. September (yeesh – good thing college is back in session)
9. Logan
10. 4 – seems full of himself but down to help others

11. Knees to grounded opponents – good for wrestlers and non-wrestlers alike

12. Yes.  Shortest distance between here and being banned nationwide again involves a juiced fighter seriously hurting/killing someone in the cage.
13. Rogan, Florian, Couture
14. UFC 100
15. Yes, but I understand that it’s insanely shallow right now
16. Bin Laden
17. Not horrifically.  I’ve lost, but not “holy shit I’m alive” lost.  Having a gay older brother = winning a lot of fights as a kid.
18. Semmy Schilt
19. Both should absolutely be an option.  Legendary annoying bitch.
20. Like A Sad Song – Elton John

No Children – The Mountain Goats (listen to this song)

21. I fucking love the guy. 
22. Only, like, right when you wake up and just think you have to fart.  Never in public.
23. Do you really thing He would let me post here?