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1. New Mexico, 26. That’s as

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1. New Mexico, 26. That’s as much as you’re getting. 

2. I’m ashamed to say it’s facebook. 

3. Oh, yeah. 

4. Depends.

5. I guess Rod since his miserable outlook on life makes me chuckle every time. Don’t really have a least-favorite Jackal. 

6. Cancer.

7. Hell no. 

8. Too damn long.

9. Logan forever!

10. 3. I like Bruce.

11. Knees on the ground, man. Don’t much care for stomps/soccer kicks.

12. Yeah, I kinda do. 

13. Probably Rogan, Quadros and Bas before he turned into a self-parody.

14. Tie between UFC 84 and PRIDE Final Conflict 2005. 

15. Yup, I like WMMA.

16. John Boehner. That orange bastard.

17. Sure have, and it was a valuable experience. Every man should experience a good ass-whuppin’ at least once. It builds character.

18. Aoki, so I can finally see BJ Penn beat the ever-loving fuck out of him.

19. Both

20. If I’m drunk enough Hank Williams Sr. songs will generally make me a little misty-eyed. 

21. I like him. He’s a fine writer and he has strong opinions that he’s not afraid to argue about. That’s pretty much all I ask for in a blogger.

22. Yep. I also shit off of a balcony once. 

23. Beats me.