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i agree with you frick. i was

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i agree with you frick. i was just making a poor attempt at humor. its true, only jesus thinks i’m funny, and even then he only laughs when i’m naked.

Jonathan Snowden is a professional troll. he is totally the Perez Hilton of the mma blogoshere since he gets to be “part of the scene” by being the guy that stirs the pot, he likes to be a catalyst for the arguments he starts so he gets to be included as part of said argument. giving that guy a job at BE is like letting pedobear work at a day care center, he enjoys his job way to much if you know what i mean (yes, Snowden is an amalgam of Perez and Pedobear.). i know who this perez guy is because i have a wife who loves that shit too, i just laugh at the him for totally different reasons (his massive tito sized head, bizarro speech pattern, and that John Wayne Gacy look in his eyes that screams “It puts the lotion on its skin!” every time i look at him.

as far as the beta writers go… i think it was a great experiment. some good guys got picked to write some stuff, and it should be a big boon for the site. more content by talented people like this is a good thing for sure. besides the pop ups the only criticism you can make about this site is the lack of consistent posting here, and that’s just because there was too much for the Jackal King to do besides write. now that there is more people contributing i expect this to be an even better site. i was surprised you didn’t get picked though frick, some of that stuff you posted was gold. when Cain made Rothwell eat that burrito whole i thought to myself, “this is what it’s all about”. burritos.