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Daddypants–>considering the site we are members of, you should appreciate Perez. He’s fucking funny. Not only b/c he talks shit, but b/c he’s actually friends w/a ton of celebs. Normally, if someone is “part of the scene”, they’ll never be honest. He has no problem talking shit but he’ll say it to their face. My wife (& most women) read his site. I saw his TV show once & was cracking up. Dude has a lot of personality. He’s a gay version of Jake FFS.

MY OPINION ON THE BETA WRITERS–>I’m happy for the guys that got picked IF they actually want the (non-paying) gig. I love writing. I don’t know how much time I could devote to making good writing “great”. You can’t just shit out a piece in 10 minutes & expect it to hit. Writing daily/weekly can be draining unless it’s a real passion.

As far as myself not getting picked, I probably could have written in the same style as Ryan or the Beta winners, but I wanted to give people straight up laughs. Ryan already “does the news w/some yuks thrown in”. I’d prefer to be something different, not more of the same. With that said, I think the Beta side was kinda ignored as well. Very few people commented. I made sure to give props on anything I liked, just to show guys their work mattered.

Anyway, I’m asking all the guys that weren’t picked TO GET BACK TO THE FORUMS & write there. The forums have not been the same in a year!! They’re not there for a Hadouken flame war. They’re there for us to entertain each other. LET’S DO THIS THING YOU FAGGOTS!!

/William Wallace speech.