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Many good questions

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Many good questions G….where should I start?

phoenix has shot his proverbial hilarity wad. It seems to me that due to his time in the military his brain cells may actually be regenerating. I propose that he takes a sabbatical from trying to be funny until A) He retires from the service and starts touring with Phish again or B) He stops swallowing Frick’s semen….because let’s face it….I think his lack of comedic skills are being transferred from his seed and being deposited directly into phoenix’s funny bone.

Are you kidding…..Frick’s a Jew, not a Republican. The guy’s already scheduled his 2011 vacation so he can go in for his calf implant surgery this April. (bad month by the way…the temperature swings will wreak havoc on the implants settling properly between the skin and muscle) And for fucksake, he’s been FLIMing me for 3 weeks already offering me 13% off lap dances and Senior Citizen’s rate for private showers.

My prediction is that Jawsh is going to end up settling down with one of the nice girls he’s been courting over the last few months. He’s gonna need that Master’s Degree for sure because trust me, babies don’t pay for themselves…..neither do weddings.

By “Butters”, I’m gathering that you are referring to xxFiveboltMainxxyz. I have another name that I’m going to have to be getting used to calling him…..Son. It really doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as Mamacita’s whisker drippings, but I think it will mean quite a bit to him. There’s nothing better than hanging in the back yard, pushing him on the swings, playing catch, watching cartoons. In my opinion he’s just been sheltered. I’ve already threatened him that if he doesn’t stop down at the groomer’s and invite that little piece of ass up for a three way with the old lady and I, I’m going to rat on him and the fact that he’s been viewing this website. His ass will get lit up like a Christmas tree for sure. And by all means…..yes, he is very special.