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Yeah, he has not been


Yeah, he has not been terrible.

I say that because I’m condescendingly holding back praise due to my attachment to the coverage we used to get. ThatEngine was such a monumental schmuck at BE that it made any chance of him not turning that site into a sack of shit seemed as likely as our atmosphere decontaminating itself while waking me up with a neck massage and coffee on New Year’s mornin’, 2012.

He needs to drop the UFC shit and focus more on kickboxing, but he’s doin’ ok. I figure he’s a soulless honkey like Nate and Luke who don’t care if they do good work, only that it’s popular – so he’s hopin’ that mixin’ UFC stuff in will get more eyes on the real ish. I still miss walsh’s understanding of the sport and tone too.

Ha ha, this still came off like an insulting review overall, but its’ not.