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“I’ll be wearing my carpenter

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“I’ll be wearing my carpenter jeans. I don’t care what you guys say, those pants ROCK!”

I can see why’d think that, what with all the pussy they;ve gotten you over the past decade or so

seriously man, none of that high school cutesy bullshit (opening doors omo? really?) ever works on a first date. the key is to give the impression that “yeah, you’re alright pretty lady, but i’d be alright without you too”

women are stupid like that, the second a bitch thinks you’re too into them (at least early on) they are as good as ghosts

and dinner and a movie is way too cliche’d, frick;s got it right, take her to a hidden little place that’s not very busy but has great atmosphere, coffee shops and indy restaurants. then instead of movie, take her to the zoo or the planetarium/aquarium. it’ll keep her on her toes, and more importantly, give her the false impression that you are deep/interesting.

finally AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER, you MUST have the utmost confidence in EVERYTHING YOU DO. you have to believe that YOU ARE THE MAN (when obviously you are not). nothing is more unattractive to a woman than a pussy of a man, women already have a pussy and it would be redundant for them to seek out another one for a mate. so NO MATTER HOW DUMB/FOOLISH/UNFUNNY/GEEKY/WEIRD/HOMOEROTIC you act, you have to play it off like you could give a shit what she thinks about it, and just roll with it playa