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Butters–>I could prolly give you a shitload of great advice…..but you’ll find a way to fuck it all up. Just don’t try too hard. Don’t spend a lot of money. Don’t go anywhere nice. Don’t look “dressed up”. Don’t wear cologne. Don’t get a haircut that morning. Don’t forget to CLEAN YOUR FUCKING EARS (& your balls). Don’t talk about past boy/girlfriends. Don’t try to fill silence w/rambling idiocy. Don’t justify why you still live w/your mommy. Don’t tell her you like fucking anime!!

Tell her she looks “fantastic”.
Get her tipsy but not drunk.
Find a laid back place w/a creative menu but not pretentious that’s dimly lit & doesn’t contain 60% fried foods.
Kiss the bitch the 1st time the notion pops into your head.

Also, don’t whip your dick out b/c you think it will get a laugh. I promise it will get a laugh though. But for all the wrong reasons.