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Obvious lurkin’ Subo burn

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Obvious lurkin’ Subo burn aside, I joined to contribute to a funny and warm guy’s place for fans to come and laugh at human cockfighting.

I’ve got a Human Cockfighter shirt and while it’s cracked a tiny smidgen at the edges (1/8th inch), it looks like I’ve got several more years on it before it gets even remotely bad. Contextual reference – I’m fucking horrible to all my clothes, and I mean besides being seen in them. I destroy ’em all pretty bad and this thing is still holding up like new. I’m actually really impressed given how much Jake and Ryan suck.

Also, the radio show is a hoot. And the star members have already had a preview from his book and a project I’m not sure I can even talk about in public yet.

I think we also serve as judge-n-jury to the pitiful scum who dare to be called “FL contributor” in the upcoming tryouts.

Plus Jake has to let us touch his eyebrows when we meet him. They’re real, and they’re spectacular.