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thats an obvious. 3/4 of

Home Forums MMA Related I think Strikeforce wants Fedor to win thats an obvious. 3/4 of



thats an obvious. 3/4 of fedor’s 08/09 hype will be back if he wins the whole tourney. While if fedor doesnt overeem has a good chance, so that works out for them as well. you have the one side(fedor v overeem) which is the matchmaking they’ve just been wanting(assumeing they win theiir QuaterFinals). Then the whole right side is full of people who should lose(or not fight, barnett) . but thats what is awesome is that, all it takes to fuck all their planning up is when werdum subs overeem or silva decisions fedor. then the finalist is WHO cares really? (I will but i love watching trainwrecks)