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i can see where this is

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i can see where this is headed but ill indulge you anyhow.

that the lib is full of fat sweaty weirdos, old hippies, butch chicks, shut ins and effeminate dudes is a myth. this may have been true 20 years ago but the massive influx of young people interested in an increasingly less draconian field (ie, computers instead of goddamned dewey index cards) means that the weird spinster bitch shushing people for coughing is a thing of the past

last year their were 2500 movies made in the world and 275,000 books published in the US alone. so there are still a fuckload more books than DVD’s. but just cause i work at the library doesn’t mean im into books. an archivist is basically someone who deals with one of a kind history (ex. for my internship today i leafed through about 4000 photo’s of IU South Bend’s commencement in 1992. im serious when i say the ugliest people in history lived in the midwest in the early 90s)…and fuck i lost my train of thought thinking all the pasty white people with big hair in fila jackets i just looked at……

late fee’s are stupid and there are people we still lend to that owe 3 or 4 hundred dollars