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At first I was all like.. I

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At first I was all like.. I hate JDS vs Lesnar, but now I’m all like, this rocks. But then I started to think about it more, which I haven’t dunt in a long times, you know, thinking. I came to the realizes that Fedor isn’t fighting so i hated it again. But then I started to think again, which is a first for me, and realized agains that Fedor can’t be in every matchup now can he? But can he? Then I answered my own question, which is YES HE CAN! OBAMA!!

JDS is all class and a bag of chips, and Dana has kept him on the shelf for way too long while he tried to make Brock his little personal redneck Fedor. You guys don’t know what that means? It’s because you are stupid, Fedor is from Alabama in case you didn’t know this i’m a doucebag cock in my mouth, cock in my mouth, blah blah blahr, fuckity bleep poop cock anal leaking fart bitch cunt.