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“iamphoenix: For someone who

Home Forums MMA Related Schiavello thinks most mma blog sites try too hard. “iamphoenix: For someone who



“iamphoenix: For someone who spends so much time hanging on an MMA site you know surprisingly little. I don’t know how you do it.”

pw: because i don’t know who shrivelo is? I don’t listen to podcasts and i don’t go on other mma websites other than this one, middle easy and cage potato, all of which make me laugh boner. i’m not looking for boring breakdowns and serious mma talk. i just need to laugh. also, if i shit my pants, should i tell someone first before i take care of it? do i keep them after i wash them? Should i spray the shit off the pants in the bathtub? Is that gross? Should i use the kitchen sink? Is that gross? what if it’s not a lot of shit, but just a little?