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What’s up butters. hows it

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What’s up butters. hows it going. I missed you guys so much, didn’t have internet for 2 days!! OMG!! N E WAYS I see that I’m still very important and have a thread all about me that has close to 300 comments. I’m so cool. Butters, my roommates have watched sweaty shirtless mean wrasslin for a couple minutes with me…they don’t know what’s going on sometimes.

fuck if I know how long I can retire with a pension. that’s a long time. i’ve heard 20 years but i’m pretty sure some people have done it sooner. but there’s the GI Bill and shit so that’s cool. we are all issued M4 Carbines. I have a pretty sweet scope on mine and we go to the range to shoot them sometimes.

and to answer your other questions guys, I would think so.