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AgentSmith, Comment 6 Good

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AgentSmith, Comment 6

Good post, but at this point “the only fight that makes sense” is out the window. When the champ has been sitting for 8 months (healthy), he just needs to remain active.

Thompson, JZ, Noons coming off losses – Strikeforce has already set precedent that they don’t care if their champs face guys coming off of losses. I don’t agree, but all three meet the “fun fight” requirement.

Evangelista and Fancypants Beerbohm being “Challengers level” is a failure of the promotion not growing their in house talent, and lack of foresight. I don’t think either will make it out of the first round with Gilbert, but at least it’s a fight.

Promotions need to promote. Hell Dana White made Florian v Sherk, (with Kenny coming off wins over Karalexis, Cope, and Stout), and made it work.