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lols all round. No hate here

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lols all round.

No hate here for anyone on this site.

But in response to the “Brit smugness”, I dont consider myself as British in either the context of living in the UK, or in the mistaken context a lot of Americans (not meaning to offend with this) use the term Britt, what they actually mean is English.

Im from Scotland, and I consider myself to be Scottish, not British.
But thats a debate for a different audience on a different day.

I absolutely DESPISE Bisping, ….passionately!

oh, and by the humour spelling comment, I was referencing the untrue stereotype that Americans dont understand the subtleties of irony, or the finer points of dry humour. Again I reitterate, I find this to be a fallacy, and only wrote it to be incendiary.