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Being a big MMA fan doesn’t

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G Funk

Being a big MMA fan doesn’t mean knowing who every single retard fucking blog and reporter is people, seriously, get a life! I know you have none, are all alone cause you’re not only fat, but you’re fucking retard ugly and smell like bologna and mayo, and because of this you have no self-worth and confidence. Shit Frick might not be fat, but he’s ugly as fuck and because of this he tries to make up for it at the gym and got married to the first piece of ass he got and had babies. Fricks so pathetic that he trolled FL while he was in an all enclusive resort for Christs sake! Iampenis is in the military in a foreign country and instead of hittin the town and really experiencing life, he’s perminately stuck on the ‘who’s online’ board at the left of my screen! Think it’s because he’s too hunky and confident that he dare not let the world see? I think not. Enough of FagFrick and ilovepenis on to all you pathetic losers that spend every waking hour trolling MMA sites inbetween your fantasy porn endeavors. You worthless pieces of flesh do realize that there is a world outside MMA, the internet and porn right? I mean, if you sacks of chit weren’t dealt a horribly ugly hand from god you could actually do something that doesn’t involve playing tug-o-war with your selves and drooling over shirtless men rassling wit eachother and looking at a monitor.