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i hope it can stop bullets. i

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i hope it can stop bullets. i haven’t taken it off roading just for the hell of it, but have driven off road because i was told to do so. also, drove with NVG’s on and it was the shit.

there’s no fm radio in the humvee so we’re not blasting any music. we gotta listen for commo.

i’m told we have a choice where we want to go next, but they could just put you wherever. I want hawaii when i re-enlist.

i haven’t killed anyone. this is my first duty station and i haven’t been deployed yet, so if i answered that question yes, it would be considered murdered. i’m gonna write a big fancy book when i’m deployed called “Fuck, I Killed a Bunch of Terrorists in Afghanistan and This is How” just for you butters.

i share a room with one other dude in the barracks. and bathroom. kinda stupid but once i’m a sgt, i’ll get my own room.