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i try to save money but i

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i try to save money but i send money home too,
the dfac food is good. korean food is good. i haven’t had dog yet, but i just found out about this place that serves it and if can get some people to come with me i’ll totally eat subo’s dead dog.
monitering soldiers health….PT mon-fri for 90 minutes…so if you’re still fat it’s pretty much your own fault.
strikforce chat…i said i had to take a shit, and i did. it lasted quite awhile. i didn’t feel like finding the fights and then i left and did something. i forget.
everyone gets automatically promoted thru specialist and then after that go to the board and try to get sgt.

i’m pretty sure that interrogation shit is reserved for guys in special forces and those type of jobs. i’m just with a bunch of other people that blow shit up, so they aren’t concerned with our interrogation resistant skills.

i have not been anally raped to my knowledge. and i haven’t been water boarded, maybe because we’re trying to conserve resources.

omo, it’s hilarious you wouldn’t know those answers. everyone knows bullets come out of guns and it makes a scary sound when fired…how wouldn’t you know this??!!!