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Clint–>couple of the newbs

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Clint–>couple of the newbs seem okay (based on their New Year join date). As far as your pole goes, it wasn’t your best work. Next time, you should bouce stuff like that off a couple of other guys for maximum yuks.

As far as insulting fighters, I’m all for that!! It just needs to stay in the realm of jokes. Once commenters are trying to give fighters real career advice (i.e.: “retire”), then I’m not on board. But if we’re gonna talk about Hammill being a retard or Page being the 1st black emo fighter & a baby killer (I think I saw him @ a “Free Hat McCullough” rally), then it’s all good.

Also, I don’t think my balls have started sagging. They definitely have more hair than they used to (that’s what a razor is for). And they may be swollen b/c I don’t even have the energy to jack it every day like I used to). And they prolly don’t appreciate that I wear briefs & tighter pants lately. And they sometimes get crushed between my legs when I do seated hamstring curls. And they will become vestigial if I get a vasectomy like my wife wants. Point being…..I still think they’re attractive!!