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first thing Butters, if you’re going to ask 2 chicks to do anything with you, why would you ask them to watch basketball? Girls don’t even know what basketball means when you say it out of your mouth. Second, they thought you had a basketball in your house that needed to be watched, some sort of a weird cult you created where you get naked and rub yourself in sesame seed oil and paprika, dancing, sweating…They don’t want any part in that? Why would 2 girls want to be naked in from of some fat guy covered in food ingredients? Also, when you asked them I bet you were in the doctors room, on a phone, and you said, “What’s up 2 girls, I’m just at the doctors office with the doc’s hand in my ass want to watch a basketball?” So there’s that, and them wondering how you got their number, because they sure they changed it. They are also sure that the restraining order is still in effect. So, this is why these 2 girls turned you down Butters. But most likely it’s because you are ugly and known to have a small dick. And that one day you forgot to put deodorant on…yeeeeahhh that didn’t help your cause.