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@ subo – spoken like a true shitty student. it’s not what you can’t do at HOME, it’s what you can’t do at the LIBRARY (ie. play Halo, watch old Pride Fights, eat a baloney and cheese sandwich, furiously masturbate to lesbian bukkaki fisting porn) it’s all about cutting out as many distractions as possible and the “lib” (industry jargon, I wouldnt expect you to understand) is the best place for that.

@ butters – that is an easy one, women who are not in college DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WATCHING COLLEGE BASKETBALL ON TV. maybe if you’d have offered them tickets to the actual game, they’d have been interested. but 99% of all women would be bored as fuck watching you scream at the TV about motion offense against a 1-3-1 zone defense

that being said: BOILER THE FUCK UP YOU FAGGOT! [email protected]@[email protected]!cumgargle!!!!!!