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Everyone loves me!

It can be boring sometimes, but thats when you go off post and do something. there are no sick days! if you’re hurt or sick, go to sick call in the morning and see the doctor. then come to work. vacation, we get leave days that we earn each month at about 2.5 days a month. 30 days a year. I didn’t learn shit in boot camp(which is called basic training nowadays) I was in the pushup positing for 30 minutes because I went ahead and did the move before the Drill Sgt told us to. I already knew it all!! I did about a year of jiu jitsu at the gracie academy with ryron and rener gracie in torrance ca, so i feel like i’m a pretty big deal. got to meet al bundy and michael clarke duncan there, both in the locker room, half naked. pretty cool right.

there’s gyms here, which I have not really gone to.