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scariest thing? i haven’t

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scariest thing? i haven’t been scared.

having pets in the barracks would be the dumbest shit ever. I think a few married guys off post have pets.

There’s a lot of dumb shit that goes on that’s funny…like this one dude getting antiqued, windows in doors getting punched out…My drunk friend wanted to fight me, I wasn’t drinking but he thought I wasn’t gonna be able to beat him so we went to the day room and in 30 seconds I had him screaming after locking in an americana after a rear takedown. (he didn’t call my gf any names or anything, I’m not thingsvold, this was all in fun.) I thought I tore his shoulder up but he turned out fine. also some funny shit, drunk korean men passed out on the street in the morning in their business suits. also funny this dude selling me his 32 inch tv for 200 dollars because he had no money for new years. he paid 400 for it only months ago. i plan on making 100 on it before i leave.
real dumb shit is about 4 useless SGT’s that all came from the reserves.

as for hit chicks,there’s a few. Airforce chicks are always hot but they are way down south and i havent seen them.