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koreans either kills pedestrians with their cars or take the train. we take the train and or taxi’s.

odishy. (aud ish E) it means old married man but it’s also funny to say it to the younger korean dudes because they don’t like it.

i don’t know what they call us in secret. but they probably call me Sexy Buff Man or something.

street vendor food is the shit. it’s these old korean ladies and i can get a bunch of shit for like 3000 won. i didn’t get the shits for a week, it has the chance to get you the shits just like anything else you eat.

I watch MMA by myself. not too many people who want to be awake at noon on a sunday to watch a bunch of shirtless dudes. i watch it in my room, on my tv that i just got. stupid AFN had college football playing instead of 125 like they were supposed to.