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Subes, Wow, ignore the UFC’s

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Wow, ignore the UFC’s TRASH HW division to insult Mr. glasshand’s fighting rate?

The UFC’s heavyweight division has always been, and still is trash. A fragile thing that can be destroyed by the slightest breeze. And I fucking LOVE Zuffa.

You need to stop hurting our argument with defensive inaccurate nonsense that belies your true point and goal to see the best fight the best. Everyone here wants to see ’em all fight one way or another, but shitting on those who aren’t in Zuffa – because someone else likes ’em and finds their skills “better” or fights more entertaining than the collegiate clearinghouse that is most of the UFC’s cards- just fucks you over and makes (y)our goal look like a sucker’s game.

Stop making ONE LEAGUE TO RULE THEM ALL look bad is what I’m saying. Restraint, dawg.