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^ yeah! and JDS lost to

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^ yeah! and JDS lost to Joaquim Ferrira via armbar who lost to Sokoudjou by TKO which means that Sokoudjou could flying kimura Fedor from the north/south rape choke position in 11 seconds!!!…….oh wait…….MMA math is retarded

also let me reiterate real quick who fought for the UFC HW title during Fedors Pride reign 2003 – 2007 (during which he defended his belt against Big Nog twice, Cro Cop when he was universally ranked #2, and Mark Hunt right after he had beaten Wanderlei and Cro Cop)

tim sylvia
gan mcgee
andrei arlovski
jeff monson
paul buentello
justin eilers
frank mir

hmmmmmmmm it’s not like he was “ducking” all these amazing fights that were out there for him, it was either fights cans and a few monsters in Pride or fight the warmed over turds (2 of which he later crushed) that were presented as worldbeaters win the UFC