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To all commenting on my “Zhang – Agree, but if 0.01% of the population of China watch this guy, we are still talking (approx) 133,146 people.” Statement.

I have said this before. There is this wonderful thing called the internet. In this case I’m referring to UFC can steam live fights in China if they don’t think they are getting the TV coverage they need. They can partner up with other web sites, or TV networks to expand coverage. They are not limited by the contracts they have. UFC controls their product well. If you need an example, look what happened in Germany when UFC was pulled of TV. They arranged for it to be streamed in the country for free.

As to the ION comparison. They still pulled 800,000+ viewers on one week notice, and with several resource listing the start time for the fights as 9:00 PST (3 hours after they aired). These are the kind of numbers that Showtime is happy with for main events. Lets face it Baroni vs. Tavares, Grispi vs. Poirier and Davis vs. Stephens are not exactly huge draw fights. They were fun to watch.

Unlike most promotions UFC has the ability, and rights to air the same content over multiple outlets. Look at what the UFC, and Spike TV have accomplished. Until UFC started airing on Spike their best shows were CSI, and Star Trek reruns 8 hours a day.

As to the pirating over the internet….their working on that. China does not have the same laws/rights as most of us have. The UFC can make money talk there. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS THE COUNTRY THAT HAS BLOCKED FUCKING GOOGLE.

Let a little reality into your life.