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That is one of the stupidest



That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.

BE has an image up with the bracket. I don’t want to waste time trying to find on Strikeforce’s site.

Strikeforce can’t even get the brackets right. They have it set up so that Overeem/Fedor will most likely meet in the semi finals. The Dumb asses need to switch Fedor/Silva to the other side, and baring any injuries your more than likely to have a Fedor/Overeem finale that would be a perfect headliner for their first PPV, or their return to CBS.

Instead they make Overeem’s fights 5 rounders, have the “it” fight in the Semi’s, and the other half of the bracket is full of I don’t give a shit by comparison. Lets say Fedor beats Overeem. We have a 50% chance the the finale will be a Arlovski, or Rogers rematch.

Could they all be great fights that give us Happy Joy Joy Feelings (sry watched Demolition Man on tv last night) all year long…yup

Are they running a big risk of people losing interest after the Semi’s…yup