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Yeah like I don’t watch every

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Yeah like I don’t watch every UFC and have tons of favorite fighters in the UFC?

Everybody is a fan of the UFC if they like MMA. Don’t be dense.

The problem is that Dana is full of shit and controls the message too much. He repeats the same talking points like fox news and idiots like Subo buy into it and bark them all over the place.

Like: Brock Lesnar is the baddest man on the planet.

Anyway this will determine the best HW on the planet

1. It’s not Brock. His secret is out and he wants to release books and do wrestlemania.

2. It ain’t Cain, yet. He’s gotta beat JDS and a few more people and he won’t be fighting til the end of the year.

3. It ain’t JDS cuz he ain’t beat Cain and half the top tier heavies.

4. Carwin could shine this year if he comes back and fixes his cardio, but he’d have to beat Cain too.

The UFC just has the problem that their HW division is reset every few years.