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Reem.Hadouken, comment #3

I was excited as hell when Strikeforce moved into the void that Elite XC, Affliction, and the IFL’s collapse created. After about 6 month, I realized 60%-70% of what Scott Coker talks about is bullshit.

My problem with Strikeforce is that they are inept at building momentum with anything.

Their Challenger shows do not need to exist. They are trying (and failing) to use it as a building tool for up, and comers, but what they are really doing is diluting an already watery product. These fights would be better off as under card, or dark matches for the main Strikeforce cards. Better than using all local talent, and never promoting/showing the fights.

Their tournaments, and GP dreams may finally be falling into place….after over a year of talking tournaments (still waiting on that middle weight tourney announcement). At this point I join the “I’ll believe it when their in the cage” crowd. Even this recent announcement has nothing to back it up. They have verbally agreed to the fights, not signed contracts. Bellator has managed to pull off several tourneys, and Strikeforce has pull off several press conferences to talk about them.

Stop touting you CBS deal as the thing that makes you legit. Random cards on CBS is not a deal to be proud of. Talk about things that you’ve done right….like allowing Daniel Cormier to coach on TUF (and getting him more exposure than all of his Showtime fights). You could have grabbed 2 of team Koscheck’s rejects to fight each other, and praise the training they received from him. But you ignore it…like Bully Beatdown, and Mayham being ignored.

Dana may be a big headed douche, Zuffa may be the evil empire, but at least I can trust 90% of what they say to come true.