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saw this on mmajunkie and

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saw this on mmajunkie and though it was actually a decent idea but only if the get judges from the respective sports.

Three judges, and two split their decision. The third judge? Well, things got funky at Saturday’s UFC 125 event. And due to the looming title-unification circumstance with WEC champ Anthony Pettis, Gray Maynard almost saw his chances at a rubber match with UFC champ Frankie Edgar dashed. All that work, and the clear-cut “Fight of the Night” title fight ends a draw? I’ve been stashing this idea for a long time, so here goes nothing: One judge keeps tabs on striking, one judge is calculating all grappling and jiu-jitsu points, and the third judge is measuring octagon control and other similarly categorized aspects. If you win at least two out of three “categories” in a round, you win the round. A close “striking” round could be decided via one fighter edging out the BJJ points in that round. This would allow each judge to watch one area and focus on it rather than having to judge the entirety of the round’s activity.