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They do it on TUF because the

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They do it on TUF because the fights are only 2 rounds. so an extra round is a 3rd round. not a 4th or a 5th.

But I agree with Subo, why not go for 7 rounds. Just because you add rounds to a fight doesn’t mean something different will happen. Nate Diaz is one of my favorite fighters and nothing different would have happened had he fought another 2 rounds, 3 rounds, 200 hundred rounds. He would have been hugged on and groped, molested like he’s the last child on earth by that stupid korean. Adding rounds to boring fights won’t make them magical and turn them into epic fucking fights. It’s lunatic to think that.

I’m pretty sure there’s stats that prove that finishes happen with the first 2 rounds the most, and the longer the fight the more it will just go to a decision. Someone with lots of time and no life please compile this evidence for me(glassjawsh) and then I will win, and you will not.