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You are the biggest tool

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You are the biggest tool ever. I have lost every shred of respect for as a person.

By the way, we are getting WAY less oil then prewar, and by the fucking way, we are in Afganistan, not Iraq. Get your shit straight you ignorant fuck.

People who go AWOL are the biggest cowards ever, they knew what they were signing up for when they enlisted.

And for helping Rowanda…do you expect the united states to save every country that does something we don’t like? And how do we help a country that doesnt want our help? Ps-Rowanda isn’t the only country that has has genocide, what about darfur? Don’t care about them? Or you just didn’t read that headline, huh?

By the way, contrary to popular belief, there was not a huge boom in enlistment post 9-11. How about you get facts instead of saying bullshit myths that have NO evidence to back them. Faggot.