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Fedor.Hadouken gets my vote

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Fedor.Hadouken gets my vote for self righteous dumb ass of the year.

You say…

“You want to know who I respect? The soldiers who go AWOL and fuck off to Canada and refuse to fight in bullshit wars. they get hounded by their own government and have to give up their lives to stand up for their rights, and real freedom.”

They sign a contract when they join the armed forces. Adults have repercussions when they break contracts. It is not up to the grunts to make political choices. If you didn’t agree with the Iraq war why are you not out protesting? Oh that’s right, that takes effort.

Going AWOL to Canada……really….you respect these guys??? I would respect them if they went to a third world country to hide out. Hiding in Canada is not suffering for your beliefs.
“Oh no I can only get into a four star resort, this is so hard!!”

Answers this: What do you do to help improve the life of anyone besides yourself?

Here is what Brian is doing.