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Look most guys in the

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Look most guys in the military now are there of their own free will.

And it comes down to this: They aren’t defending my rights, and they aren’t fighting for my freedom. [Our freedoms have been slowly eaten away because of 9-11, not preserved by the military.]

They are fighting for corporate interests and it’s their decision to do so.

Yeah lots of fighters have been in the military, but not a lot of them come out throwing it around in press conferences to try to put down their opponent.

“Oh I haven’t been fighting as long as leban but my years overseas makes me tougher than him!”

Well hooray captain asshole.

I’m glad Leban went AWOL, it means he has half a brain.

Anyway It’s my opinion and fuck you if you don’t like it. Leban is going to kick his gold ole boy ass anyway.

yeah 100,000 people. Just 33 times what died in sept. 11th. No biggie right?
That’s not even all of it either. All the people butchered in afghanistan, or maimed who weren’t killed.

You want to know who I respect? The soldiers who go AWOL and fuck off to Canada and refuse to fight in bullshit wars. they get hounded by their own government and have to give up their lives to stand up for their rights, and real freedom.

Not the guys who hide behind the flag and the decisions of oil mongers and do what they are told to make this world a lot crappier every day.

I’m sure there are some soldiers who are decent people, plenty of them, but I don’t automatically respect them or call them heros because they signed up to fight wars for oil. Sorry charlie.