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Fedor.Hadouken, You ignorant

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You ignorant Fuck.

Which way should I point out you stupidity:

Should I play off you post title, and form name to point out the generalizing Military fighters as failures without stating the Country INCLUDES Fedor in the description of failure?? So you post under the name of a failure??

Should I point out that without the Armed services Mexico would have taken over most of the USA a couple hundred years ago, or England, France, Germany, Spain, USSR………Guys like Brian Stann allow us here in North America to be raging douche bags like yourself.

Maybe the best bet would be to ask someone with a lot more computer skills than myself to hunt your ass down. I would be more than happy to take up a collection to get you a tutor. Your level of stupidity is not acceptable in this day in age.

I would offer to come beat you with a baseball bat, but in case you survive I wouldn’t want to burden your family with a ABI.