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1. I hate Brian Stann and the

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1. I hate Brian Stann and the way the WEC handled him. They practically played the G.I. Joe theme song over his highlights, FFS. It felt dirty to me, the way they were so openly playing the “American Hero” card. Fuck that shit. If you say that somebody’s got the power of America/God behind them, what happens when they get KTFO?
2. Being an American soldier doesn’t make you a hero. A guy I knew back in the day wrote home to his mom (from Afghanistan) and told her he hoped she could still love him after the things he’d done. Soldiering isn’t all “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and righteousness.
3. Soldiers DO deserve, at the bare minimum, respect for the fact that they chose to place themselves in harm’s way so that the rest of us don’t have to. You can say that we’re in Iraq for the wrong reason, you can remind everybody about Abu Ghraib, you can point out how eleventy squintillion civilians have been killed, but none of that is the fault of the individual soldier.

Putting everything you hate about the Iraq war on Brian Stann is horseshit.

Also, @#16: “You know the war in Iraq killed millions of people for no good reason?”
Hey, look! A total lack of facts!