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-Zuffa will continue to be the only company to invests any real money in expanding MMA across the globe.

-FEG will fold in late 2011 due to fighters not getting paid/inability to get fighters. Zuffa will win the bidding war for the fight catalog, and existing contracts. Using these new resources they will plan a Japan UFC show in 2012.

-Fedor spends 364 days of 2011 in contract negotiations. Sherdog will change the rules for their ranking system (again) to allow him to stay in the rankings.

-Overeem will lose to a non top ten HW, and hurt his North American marketability. Japan will continue to pay him way to much money due to the “Bob Sapp factor”, while conveniently forgetting to pay others.

-Carwin will work his way back to a title shot. Fight may not happen until Q1 2012.

-Mayhem Miller will finish his Strikeforce contract, and make a run for it. Will appear on the Joe Rogan Pod Cast shortly after, and spill all the dirt from his time with Strikeforce.

-Gilbert Melendez will follow Shields to the UFC.

-Scott Coker will resign from Strikeforce, and start a new promotion (with UFC style contracts) after his Non-compete clause expires.

-GSP, and Silva will both defend their titles twice, and then fight around new years.

-Barnett will not get cleared to fight for the CSAC, forcing Strikeforce to hold shows outside of a sanctioning body to get him on a card.

-Nick Diaz will fight someone at a 178+ pounds. Miller will release an epic web series pointing out how Diaz is a bitch for ducking him.

-UFC will do shows in at least 2 new countries.

-Brock will trade a stint on TUF for a WWE appearance. It will be his last year in the UFC.

-Aoki will get ko’d this new years, and not be making a trip to the UFC anytime soon.