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here we have a former 4 year

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here we have a former 4 year member of the NSAC, a state agency whose members are appointed by the governor, using his state granted powers to kill sanctioning of a private enterprise in order to make a power play that would enable him to take control of the ufc.

a guy, who along with another former NSAC member (marc ratner) turned zuffa employee, who claim they have no ties to or influence over the nsac, a commission plagued with judging and refereeing scandal

a guy whos family made a billion dollars turning their illegal mafia run gambling enterprises into a somewhat legitimate casino empire. an empire that he eventually bankrupted, leaving the shareholders holding the bag while he pays himself $20mil a year.

a guy, known as frankie three sticks, who got busted for his xzience scam, and is currently being investigated and sued for using his influence to kill chance of any other bid to take over his bankrupted casino empire.

but hey, that TUF show is something else, aint it.