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None of my CHRISTmas gifts

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None of my CHRISTmas gifts have come yet. I think people just lied when they told me that they sent me stuff. They’ll blame it on the mail guys eventually.

I’m hoping one of the gifts will be fedor.hadukcunt vision, where I won’t have to read any of his moronic douche posts of “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t suck this fighters dick….oh no reasons, ok well I was going to suck his dick so hard any way and I totally was practicing sucking my own dick before moving on to this fighters dick. I sucked my own dick yeah so what. Never heard a man sucking his own dick before? No, ok well, I could send you a bunch of video’s from these gay porn sites I frequent of dudes sucking their own dick. It’s quite the sight, I mean there’s a technique involved to sucking your own dick trust me, it took years of practice. One day you could be as cool as me. Name me one good reason why I shouldn’t suck my own dick? None, ok well boom I won this round of trolling I SUCK MY OWN DICK.”