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if no one called it yet, put

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if no one called it yet, put me down for first death in a ufc. i want to say main card televised live, but im not that sure. the undercard guys are hungry, theyre willing to do whatever like a piledriver or ddt. im thinking a scoop the guy up and walk him to a spot situation like matt hughes, except slam him on his head where the cage meets the canvas. the chads and bros in the crowd will love it. the mma nerds online will love it, everyone will love it like that bullshit wwe jumpkick off the cage nonsense. that is until he is pronounced doa, sanctioning gets pulled nationwide, zuffa tanks and we all get stuck watching a more respectable, albeit painfully boring, sport like boxing.

im %100 sure it will happen or i will never post again.

or will i?