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So what’s the latest state of

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So what’s the latest state of play in this promotional love triangle, courtesy of this week’s Observers:

* Meltzer suggested that UFC may need to pull a rabbit out of a hat for their own domed super show, UFC 129 at Toronto’s Rogers Centre on April 30th 2011, and that a Lesnar fight could be that rabbit.

* As reported earlier by Meltzer, all of WWE’s other WrestleMania celebrity ideas are almost certainly dead in the water, so Vince is presumably still banking on Lesnar being able to do the show. One idea that is now impossible, and thus Meltzer can confirm the name of, was NBA mega heel LeBron James. That idea is out because the Miami Heat has a basketball game on the same day as Mania.

Update: “I know too much about Brock right now” – Dave Meltzer on Christmas Observer radio. He said that there’s two Brock’s, the Brock who wants it real bad or the Brock who’s looking for an exit strategy, who’s the businessman, who’s rich, happy and now doesn’t want to get hurt. And (the latter) that’s the reality, as if Brock really wanted to beat Cain Velasquez he’d be either going to Holland (to train) or importing Holland to Minnesota, not spending all his time hunting. Also he would be calling Dana White asking for fights, instead of failing to return Dana’s phone calls.


I feel bad for fans of Brock Lesnar.