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Here. We. Go. 1) Brock walks

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Here. We. Go.

1) Brock walks away from fighting.
2) Subo gets caught in a sting on “To Catch A Pre-Dater”.
3) Another year goes by & no legal MMA in the Big Apple
4) I expose myself on the web & all the Jackals fall for me.
5) GSP & Andy fight late in 2011…..GSP takes a 25 minute nap on Andy. Everyone realizes how stupid the idea was.
6) After Vera crushes Thiago, he finally reaches his potential, setting himself up as a contender later this year!!
7) Fightlinker remains stagnant except for 1 new star writer…..PHOENIX.
8) Sakuraba is signed to a 1 fight deal….against Couture!! Sakuraba’s wife takes out a 40 trillion dollar life insurance policy.
9) KenFlo earns another crack @ the belt & beats EDGAR to win the title.
10) After losing his legs in a horrific pasta incident, Serra drops to lightweight & wins the belt via fluke ear punch. He & Kyle Maynard tour the country doing motivational lectures.